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What License Is Required To Drive A Truck Or Passenger Vehicle?

Author: Theodore Cruttcholl  //  Category: Car Insurance

A commercial driver’s license or CDL is a kind of driver’s license required in the US for people who drive any kind of motorized vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,793 kg, commercial-use vehicles, and those that require hazardous materials placards. These vehicles include tow trucks, and buses, and other passenger vehicles designed to transport more 16 or more people including the driver.

Formal training is not a pre-requisite to obtain a CDL. You need to take a written examination though which contains items about road safety and various parts of a truck. In order to pass, you have to get at least 80% of the items correctly. You must also pass a driving skills test, and this involves performing a set of required driving maneuvers using the type of vehicle you intend to operate.

Application requirements vary among states. If you will be operating a commercial vehicle in Austin, TX for instance, you would need to apply for a Texas CDL license. Particulars of the Texas CDL license are provided in the commercial motor vehicle drivers’ handbook which can be downloaded from the Texas Department of Public Safety website. To qualify for a Texas CDL license you need to be 21 years of age, be able to speak and read in English, no loss limb, no physical impairment that interferes with driving, healthy, have good hearing and vision, and do not have drug or alcohol addiction.

You may obtain training through a truck driving school. These agencies will administer CDL practice tests to better prepare you for the actual written test. Apart from CDL practice tests, these agencies will also provide lessons and skills training so you will know the proper and safe way of operating a commercial vehicle. Lessons would include map reading, trip planning, and road rules. You would also receive training such as backing, turning, hooking a trailer, and driving in different road conditions.

You may also be issued a learner’s license to legally practice and prepare for the road tests. While operating a commercial motor vehicle with a learner’s license, you will be restricted to having a licensed CDL operator in the front seat with you.

Need a Texas CDL license? Improve your chances of passing the written test by taking CDL practice tests. Follow this link to learn more about applying for a texas CDL license.

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