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What were the most common factors behind motorbike incidents?

Author: Abbie McAlroy  //  Category: Auto News

Red Light Syndrome

Another very typical cause of motorbike accidents is when a bike has come to a halt at traffic lights waiting for the OK signal and a vehicle approaches them from behind and simply does not see the bike for whatever reason.

This ends in a rear end shunt. Routinely if it were two vehicles concerned it would result in nothing less than a straightforward ‘fender bender ‘ however when a motorbike is involved it often leads to far more damaging consequences. For example the biker might be pushed forward into advancing traffic, or thrown from the bike. Again injuries are usually major and infrequently lethal, concerning the head, neck and backbone.

Splitting lanes

An Los Angeles bike accident attorney explains that the riding between 2 lanes by a motorbike isn't deemed against the law in the state of California. However if an accident happens as a consequence of lane splitting, then more frequently than not the police and the insurers are quick to point the blame at the door of the motorcyclist, whereas in reality it might not be the case. In some examples a jury might reach the choice of ‘comparative fault’.

Here is where the jury decides that each party is to blame for the incident and will definitely be awarded relatively depending on how much they were responsible. For example a court could deem the motorcyclist to be 30 percent responsible for the situation. If this is the case then they'll receive seventy pc of the whole amount of damages in such a case.

As you can see, these are the most common factors behind motorbike accidents and in most cases they are not the fault of the biker. If you find yourself in a position where you are being held responsible for an event that's clearly not your fault, then you should contact a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney. They're well versed in dealing with such circumstances and will do whatever is needed to supply a full and fair result each single time.

Need to know the commonest reasons for motorcycle accidents? Learn them from personal injury attorneys and the Los Angeles motorcycle attorneys about this matter. Read on the article of Abbie McAlroy to help out.

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