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Will your vehicle airbags really defend you in the situation of a collapse?

Author: Fhiona Dedman  //  Category: Auto News

When it comes to product safety, a team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is available to help the general public. In their line of work they most likely see a lot of faulty products and product related injuries, but it has got to be related that there's little more stunning than when a product that is designed to protect you all of a sudden becomes terribly threatening indeed.

Car safety airbags have saved numerous lives and are an integral part of any vehicle’s safety mechanism, but what about if the expounded airbag that's specifically designed to guard us in the event of an accident all of a sudden employs for absolutely no reason at all? This is doubtlessly an especially frightening moment for any driver. To be confronted by a loud bang, followed by a cloud of smoke and a massive inflated airbag obstructing the view of the windscreen while you are driving at speed is perhaps one of the most horrifying experiences any driver could have to deal with.

In 2004 there were over 1.4 million safety recalls where an airbag had employed surprisingly and this figure was up around 350,000 on the previous year. In 2008 Japanese car giant Honda issued a recall on an airbag that was employed across the range when it was found that the product opened with so much force that some of the metal internal workings of the airbag were being expelled upon deployment, causing devastating wounds to anyone that came into contact. It was like a nail bomb triggering just yards from the victim. In total over 830,000 vehicles were affected.

A team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers explain that in the Usa the Nation's Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received plenty of beefs about airbags employing for no reason in any way. It was found to happen in the 2002 and 2003 models of the Jeep Liberty. As a consequence over 400,000 autos were affected.

Ford Motors also recalled 1.2 million F150 pickup vans for precisely the same reason in 2008. Eventually in 2011 over three hundred thousand Chrysler City and Country and Dodge Minivans were also recalled for this precise same issue.

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