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Your No Credit Car Loans Guide

Author: Charles Martin  //  Category: Car Insurance

No check on credit is done in the case of a car loan on credit. Some people may not have a credit record and such a loan helps these individuals. When in need of a car loan, a loan on bad credit can be availed by people having a bad credit status. At times, the conventional lenders do not offer loans to people who are not able to qualify for a car loan or a vehicle loan.

Important Facts

It is best to understand a few important facts about car loan with no credit. A few qualifications will be needed even if no check on the credit score is done by the lenders. Lenders want to feel convinced about the capacity of the borrower. For this some income proof, like the salary slip or the salary account bank statement is needed.

The lender will also want to ensure the borrower is capable of making timely bill payments. On the basis of this, the lender can reject or accept the application of the loan applicant. Down payment is an important feature of this car loan with no credit. Around 10 to 50 percent of the car cost has to be paid as down payment. This is done for risk minimization at the time offering a car loan with no credit.

Check Terms and Conditions

Borrowers are charged higher interest rate as the risk of lending money to a person without credit always exists. In case late payments are made the penalties levied are higher. Penalties for pre payments are placed on borrowers who make loan payments before the due date. Before signing it is vital for the borrower to check the terms and conditions.

Even though this is a car loan without credit check, it does allow the borrower to build a positive credit. Eventually the borrower is able to qualify for the purpose of refinancing. Monthly payments can be lowered in refinancing besides reduction in rates of interest. It is interesting to note that such loans get you a car and helps you to improve your credit rating.

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